Here at Brighton Eye Associates, we provide comprehensive eye care including diagnosis and treatment of low vision. Learn what low vision means, what to expect during a low vision exam, and how we can help.

What is Low Vision? 

When your eyesight declines, vision loss follows. Once you have lost a certain amount of vision, you have what an eye doctor calls low vision. Typically, low vision patients find it difficult to complete several everyday tasks due to changes in their vision.

Once you reach this stage, it’s important to visit an eye doctor in Brighton. Depending on your circumstances and degree of vision loss, there may be solutions. If we cannot reverse low vision, we can discuss ways to adapt, so you can make the most of the vision you do have left.

What to Expect in a Low Vision Exam

When you come in for a low vision exam, we will discuss your symptoms and health history. Our Brighton eye doctor will then conduct a vision exam. A low vision exam usually takes at least twice as long as a regular eye exam, because it is more thorough.

Examine external structures – During this exam, we will examine the external structures of your eyes. We also dilate the eyes to check the internal structures. By observing the eye muscles, retina, cornea, and optic nerve, we can assess your overall eye health. While your eyes are dilated, we will test the internal eye pressure with a tonometry test.

Optical Coherence Tomography Test – Finally, if we feel it is necessary, we will perform an OCT or optical coherence tomography test. This test shows us a high-resolution image of your retina, which can help us treat your symptoms.

Wall Chart Test – To test how well you see, we’ll check your vision using a wall chart specially formulated for low vision. We examine your peripheral vision with a visual field test and use the Amsler Grid to test for underlying eye problems, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.

Other Eye Care Options – In many cases, low vision can be managed using corrective vision aids, eye surgery, or medication. We will go over your options and make personal recommendations based on the eye examination.

Unfortunately, in some cases, lost vision cannot be restored, and further vision loss may be forthcoming. Our eye doctor may refer you to a support group for low vision sufferers or offer suggestions to help you cope with the emotional impact of vision loss.

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