As a parent of a young child, or children, things to consider when trying to find ways to give them the best start in life. At Brighton Eye Associates, we firmly believe that scheduling eye exams for kids is essential to their overall well-being.

Eye development happens rapidly when your child is young, and any of those developments—good or bad—can have lasting, and even lifelong, implications. During your child’s formative years, we can help you ensure normal vision development and verify that your child has the visual acuity and skills required to take on school work and other normal childhood activities.

Even if your child is struggling with their vision, they may not understand what is happening or even know how to alert you to the issue. Besides, they are busy exploring the world in a million other ways and might not even notice vision problems on a conscious level.

When Is It a Good Time to Start Scheduling Child Eye Exams for Adams & Weld Counties?

We believe that regular adult and child eye exams for Adams & Weld Counties residents are all important, but vision testing is particularly important for school-aged children and earlier. Experts in the medical field report that 5-10 percent of pre-schoolers and 25 percent of children in school have vision problems. If left untreated, some vision problems can cause permanent vision damage.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that parents schedule a comprehensive pediatric eye exam at six months old. The next critical points to schedule children’s vision tests are at age three then right before starting kindergarten at age five or six.

What Can You Expect from Our Vision Team During Your Child’s Pediatric Eye Exam in Adams & Weld counties?

Drs. Rodney D. Fair, OD, FAAO, Cheryl M. Baker, OD, FAAO, and Danny Sanchez, OD, along with our caring and compassionate support staff, are all here to help detect any vision issues your child may have during their pediatric eye exam.

Once you schedule your child’s exam, we will go over their case history, including any observations from you or issues your child has brought up.

We will check your child’s eyes thoroughly, making sure their basic visual tools are working optimally, including:

  • Near distance vision
  • Far distance vision
  • Eye teaming, or binocularity, vision
  • Eye movement capabilities
  • Focusing skills
  • Peripheral abilities
  • Eye and hand coordination

A few of the conditions and diseases that we focus on when testing children include:

  • Strabismus, or crossed or turned eyes
  • Eye teaming problems, which may lead to headaches when reading
  • Focusing issues
  • Several other conditions and diseases

Schedule Child Eye Exams From Adams & Weld Counties Optometrist

Healthy vision is the foundation of good learning and behavior, so we look forward to helping identify, treat and prevent any vision issues that your child may encounter to give them a great shot at success and happiness.

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