Can you find the hemorrhages in the image of this diabetic patient? Optomap is an amazing way to discover eye disease inside the eye. Through an undilated pupil almost the entire retina is visible. This image is generated with cool laser light deep into the layers of the retina to find eye disease earlier than with traditional methods of examination. We can keep this image as part of your permanent health record and always go back and compare when necessary. We can see more of the retina and detect subtle changes in diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, cholesterol deposits in the vessels of the eye. We can see changes in the optic nerve such as glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. We can find disease in the far periphery of the eye such as tumors, tears and detachments of the retina. We recommend that you have an image done annually to catch any changes early and this can be done even on children with relative ease beginning at about age four. The image process takes about 1 minute per eye and is completely painless. Medical insurance will cover the cost with a medical diagnosis. If this is done as part of a routine eye examination it is usually not covered. In that case, there will be a small fee and this will be discussed with the patient by the Dr. prior to opening the images.

Please visit the OPTOMAP website to see more. Click on the patients tab and be sure to watch the video “why choose Optomap?” first.