At Brighton Eye Associates, we believe the cornerstone of good eye health is the eye exam. Our optometrists encourage every patient to schedule regular eye exams, including vision tests and through examinations, because it allows them to detect problems early and change vision prescriptions when necessary. We want to keep track of the conditions of your eyes and vision, and our goal is always to assess your eyes thoroughly and adjust your treatments as needed. Inaccurate prescriptions and untreated symptoms lead to long-term problems, but eye exams are your best defense against preventable vision loss and discomfort.

Don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the basic steps we take during every eye exam at Brighton Eye Associates.

Our Brighton Optometry Team Reviews Your Eye Health History

Before we get started on your diagnostic tests, we want to know about your previous history and current symptoms. Do you have trouble seeing or reading? Are you experiencing dry eyes, irritation, or redness? Have your eyeglasses stopped working? Whether you need a routine vision test for school or treatment for a recurring eye condition, your health depends on thorough, regular eye exams that take all your symptoms into account. Your Brighton optometrist will review your history and answer any questions you might have before beginning a series of routine eye and vision tests.

Testing Your Eyes and Vision During Your Eye Exam

Our eye exams include a variety of routine tests to measure your vision and eye function. We want to know how well you can see from near and far away, but we also care about your focus, light sensitivity, tracking, peripheral vision, and other important factors that affect your overall ability to see. The most well-known visual acuity test uses a chart with lines of letters that must be read from a certain distance, but we also use computer-assisted tests and manual exams to measure your eyes’ activity as precisely as possible.

We’ll Treat Your Symptoms & Correct Your Vision

At the end of your eye exam, your optometrist will review the results of your eye tests and discuss your next steps. We may recommend treatments for a vision condition, updates to your vision prescription, or a switch to specialty lenses. If you have recurring symptoms or signs of a degenerative disease, your Brighton eye doctor will work with you to personalize a treatment plan that protects your vision. And if you need new corrective eyewear, we’ll use your precise prescription to customize contact lenses or eyeglasses that are right for your eyes. Browse our selection of designer eyewear in Brighton, including sunglasses and eyeglasses with flattering frames for every face shape.

Schedule an Eye Exam in Brighton, CO!

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