At Brighton Eye Associates, we provide comprehensive eye care for children and adolescents throughout Brighton and the surrounding communities. Comprehensive eye examinations are a critical part of wellness care for children. Annual eye examinations are more critical for a child if one or both parents started wearing glasses at a young age or if there is a family history of eye problems. We are uniquely qualified to diagnose conditions that are common in children using specially designed tests. We like to see babies at 6 to 9 months of age for the first well baby check. If all is well then again at age 3 to 4.

What Does Our Eye Doctor Look for During an Exam?

An eye exam is a comprehensive assessment of eye health, but there are certain conditions more common in children. Our eye doctors look specifically for these eye problems.

Amblyopia – This is what doctors call “lazy eye.” It means one eye does not develop properly, so the images sent to the brain are unrecognizable. To compensate, the brain ignores those images even as the child matures.

Strabismus – Strabismus refer to the eye muscles. In healthy eyes, muscle movement is coordinated, allowing them to focus together and see the same thing at the same time. With strabismus, the coordination is off, so each eye sees a different image. The brain is not able to interpret contrasting images so one eye is ignored. Strabismus and amblyopia often are related conditions.

Refractive errors –This is what people tend to refer to as nearsightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. It is important to know, especially going into the school year, if your child needs corrective lenses. Without them, he or she will strain to see well in classes and may struggle academically.

What to Expect during an Eye Exam in Brighton

Our eye doctors will conduct a thorough inspection of your child’s eyes, including examining the external components such as the lids and eye muscles. If your child is headed for school, the exam will include a look at the retina, or back of the eye.

During a corneal light reflex test, our eye doctor shines a bright light into each eye to assess whether the reflected light is properly centered and well-focused. Next, we will cover one eye to evaluate eye shifting. The free eye should automatically adopt the dominant eye position.

The final tests look at the visual acuity of your child’s eyes to determine if he or she needs corrective lenses. This is the test most people associate with going to the eye doctor. You will be asked to look at letters and characters at various distances to test your vision.

Eye Exams and Sports

If your child is active in sports, the annual eye exam has an additional benefit. Eye-related sports injuries are one the a leading causes of blindness in children. Our Brighton eye doctors can fit your child properly for safety goggles and recommend key features based on the games your child plays. Any sport that is interactive requires safety eyewear. such as:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse

Finding the right lenses for the right game will help your child see the competition on the field and help helping to avoid any injuries.

Our Brighton eye doctors are here to ensure that your child eye care needs are met. Call us now to schedule an eye exam!