What is Vision Therapy and What Does it Treat?

At Brighton Eye Associates, our Brighton, CO optometrists offer a wide range of eye care services to optimize your eye and vision health.

Vision therapy refers to a treatment that involves the use of special exercises and activities to correct vision problems. There are many common vision problems that can be improved or treated with vision therapy. Amblyopia, for example, is one common eye condition that can be corrected through vision therapy. This condition is very common in children and is also referred to as “lazy eye.”

Eye coordination problems are another common vision problem that we see in children and adults alike. This condition refers to the eyes’ inability to remain in proper alignment.  Treatment of binocular vision problems, focusing disorders, eye movement disorders, and a number of other vision issues negatively impact a child’s ability to learn in the classroom.

What to Expect From Vision Therapy

If you’re interested in vision therapy for yourself or perhaps for your child, we encourage you to begin by scheduling an appointment with our optometry team. A standard comprehensive eye examination is the first step in the process.  From there, we can take the time to answer any questions you may have and determine the best course of further evaluation and treatment using vision therapy. We can also discuss the necessary length of treatment and expected results.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrists in Brighton, CO

At Brighton Eye Associates Dr. Rodney Fair specializes in vision therapy and would be happy to assist you or a loved one with next steps.  Dr. Fair is one of only two optometrists in the state of Colorado who has completed a residency in Vision Therapy at the prestigious State University of New York in Manhattan. To schedule your appointment with our optometry team, give us a call at 303-659-3036. We’d be happy to set-up an evaluation in our office.